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Activities include: Annual Clean Up Day, NLPOA Newsletters, Water Quality Testing and other activities.

MEMBERSHIP: All persons who are property owners within the Newman Lake community are eligible.

Become a member: $10 annual dues 

Mail your dues to: 
NLPOA, PO Box 83, Newman Lake, WA 99025

Include your name, address, phone and email address

Newman Lake Property Owners Association (NLPOA)
NLPOA Officers and Board of Directors
President: Craig Aldworth - 747-0100
Vice-President:  Steven Ward - 599-1378
Secretary:  Lorne Burley - 226-0616 
Treasurer:  Bob Takai - 226-0294

Term Ending 2013:  Linda Underwood, Staci Lehman, Craig Aldworth
Term Ending 2014:  Lorne Burley, Bob Takai, Mike Frasco
Term Ending 2015:  Wendy Burley, Steven Ward, Karen Stebbins
NLPOA Minutes
March 19, 2014 - Board Meeting Minutes - CLICK HERE

NLPOA Newsletters
NLPOA Newsletters are always interesting to read with facts, news, historical stories about cabins on the lake and more . . . .

Spring 2014 issue - CLICK HERE
Spring 2013 issue - CLICK HERE
Spring 2012 issue - CLICK HERE
​Spring 2011 issue - CLICK HERE
Spring 2010 issue - CLICK HERE
Spring 2009 issue - CLICK HERE
Newman Lake Property Owners Association is a volunteer organization promoting the continued improvement of water quality, protection of the watershed, and enhancement of the quality of life at Newman Lake through education, visionary leadership and community involvement of current and future generations.
Board of Directors:
Staci Lehman - 230-2812
Linda Underwood
Wendy Burley - 226-0616
Karen Stebbins - 869-0344
Kelli Lemley - 990-8797