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Community Groups

    • Newman Lake Property           Owners Association
    • Newman Lake Flood               Control Zone District
    • S.C.O.P.E. Station
    • Newman Lake Fire &               Rescue 

Newman Lake is located 21 miles East of Downtown Spokane Washington and just 5 miles North of Interstate 90. Nine miles of shoreline covering 1,400 acres the lake area is wooded with pines and fir trees making Newman Lake an ideal area for family homes both summer and year-round.

This website is dedicated to all of us who enjoy living and recreating on and near Newman Lake.  
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Emergency Response - Call 9-1-1

Crime Check - Phone:  (509) 456-2233 to report any unusual activity

Newman Lake Fire & Rescue - Phone:  (509) 226-1482 · (509) 226-5384

Newman Lake S.C.O.P.E. - Sheriff Community Oriented Policing Effort.  Phone:  (509) 226-4357

Inland Power & Light - Phone - (509) 747-7151.  Power outage report line (877) 668-8243.  Website Link to report and monitor power outages

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife - Spokane Office -  (509) 892-1001 for assistance with wildlife encounters - moose, cougars, etc.


Thefts are occurring around the lake!

Lock your car doors, your sheds, your garages to prevent the rash of thefts that have been occurring.  

Call Crime Check to report anything unusual 456-2233 or call 911 if something is happening at your residence.